Love Tif :: fine art

Tiffany Manning is an abstract artist based in Florida

Tiffany Manning is an abstract artist and fine art photographer. Her work reflects a fascination with the palpable nature of energy and the discovery of all the ways it translates in her work.


I am a process painter. I come to the canvas with a clear mind and an urgency to express my emotions through the organic process of dance. It is through this act of surrender that the narrative of a color-story emerges. Sometimes the gift of reflection and the space to process has the power to reveal things that are bubbling just below the surface.  But the paint doesn’t lie. It always presents to me the gift of my truth.

My current body of work is very detailed. Many of the works have more detail than I would personally choose to add to a canvas if I were in charge, but being a process based abstract painter, these are the marks that needed to come out of me last year. They are at times, small and deliberate and at other times, sweeping and fluid. Some are a lot to take in, and yet still beckon you to stand a little closer. An invitation to close the gap and narrow your zone of comfort so that you can study their relationships.  Each one of the small and intentional marks you will find on these canvases hold within them a message of love and I couldn't ask for anything more.